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About Us: The advantage of having 44 years of experience in the sector is quality, trust and 100% customer satisfaction. Achieving these accomplishments is a difficult and long process. As Ercanlar Yumurta Yarka Yem İnş. Nak. San. Ve Tic. A.Ş., we spent this time by investing in human resources and technology. The benefit of quality manpower and technologically monitoring the developments in the sector has always had positive returns. The importance we place on quality, hygiene, technology and human health during manufacturing has created a clear awareness about sales and marketing, which is the next step. This awareness made us the first preference in our point-of-sales in domestic and abroad markets alike. Our style, which is focused on a long term partnership with our final customers as opposed to one-time thing, allowed us to be always in front of our competitors in the market. From this point forth; our vision is to attain customer satisfaction with our products that are manufactured in quality and health conditions, in compliance with food safety, and meet the requirements of customer and legal regulations, and with our dependable services; and to always improve our products, processes, staff and work environment. And it will always be so.

Our production: At its newly established and modernized facilities, Ercanlar Yumurta Yarka Yem İnş. Nak. San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. today has a daily capacity of 600.000 white and brown A class egg manufacturing and 120 tons of feed production, as well as raising 150.000 young chickens in a single lot. 35% of the egg production is exported.   

Our principle: Ercanlar Yumurta Yarka Yem İnş. Nak. San. Ve Tic. A.Ş., has always maintained its characteristics as producing company that “climbed the steps of the ladder one by one without running, knowing that ladder goes on forever, renovating itself in each step, adapting to the modern era, being innovative and yet looking after its core values”.

History: In 1973, after Dr. Sedat ERCAN returned from his duty in Anatolia, he wanted to do an extra job as both a recreational hobby and a job to bring extra income, in addition to being a Medical doctor in Izmir. In the mean time, he is making research about agriculture and stockbreeding, which are his personal points of interest.

According to law, civil servants cannot trade but can deal with agriculture. Based upon this formula, he lays the foundations of a facility that he can escheat to his children in the future. After three years of broiler breeding, he decided to continue his activities with egg production. Hereby he established the Sasal egg-breeding farm after his breeding farm in Menderes Derekoy. In the year of 1991, until he bought Anadolu Goods Import-Export Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd. in Menemen, he reached a capacity of 44.000 chicken eggs in Sasal farm. Between 1991 and 2000, the company grows slowly and with firm steps. The most important reason for choosing this method is Dr. Sedat Ercan’s principle, “ Grow with your own capital; the back shall serve you only as a vault, keep away from credits, because no bank is a foul-weather friend.”

Dr. Sedat Ercan has decided to proceed on his way together with his son Vedat Levent Ercan who is a Senior Civil Engineer, after purchasing the shares of his other partner in 2000. Foca Illipinar and Aliaga Bozkoy facilities are acquired after Vedat Levent Ercan who has been in the sector since 1994 has begun to direct towards modernization and structuring.

Our Vision: To be customer-focused and one step ahead of the expectations of our customers, while working in complete accordance with quality standards, food safety, all legal regulations, work safety, improved working environment conditions, employee health.

Our Mission: To provide the production, storage and sale of products in line with the international regulations and the microbiological, physical and chemical qualities demanded by our customers, and with healthy and quality inputs, as well as in hygienic conditions and thus provide our customers with healthy and quality goods and to improve our company for this purpose.

A: Mithatpaşa Cad. No: 878/1 35290 Göztepe/İzmir/TURKEY
T: +90 (232) 232 90 11
F: +90 (232) 232 85 68
E: info@ercanlaryumurta.com